The list of characters and their descriptions in slaughterhouse five

He insists on pushing Billy to continue the struggle to return to friendly lines and after they are taken prisoner blames Billy for his capture.

His son is fighting in the war as well. Read an in-depth analysis of Billy Pilgrim. He is an optometrist, too, and owns the optometry school that Billy attended. She offers him a Three Musketeers bar. In an essay, he connects the misery of American poverty to the disheveled appearance and behavior of the American POWs.

It is put out by an Englishman, who tells Pilgrim the coat was a joke played on him by the Germans. The Tralfamadorians think that time does not go forward; instead, all points in time exist simultaneously. In this book, Campbell argues that Americans are mostly poor, uncouth, and terrible liars.

Notes on Characters from Slaughterhouse-Five

He goes back in time and measures Jesus Christ at five-foot-three. He and Billy have beds next to each other in the hospital.

An English officer comes in to check on Billy.


Like Billy, Rosewater is suffering from the aftereffects of war, and he finds escape—and helps Billy find escape—in the science-fiction novels of Kilgore Trout. Billy is back in in Ilium. This Jesus participates fully in the human condition. He is a veteran of World War II, where he was captured and kept as a prisoner of war in Germany, where he witnesses the total destruction of the town of Dresden.

The Germans here, in contrast, are interested only in controlling their prisoners.

Slaughterhouse-Five: Character Profiles

Billy feels that this should comfort us Earthlings who are afraid of death. German forces summarily execute him for looting.

Rosewater and Billy meet when he had the bed next to Billy in the mental hospital Billy checks himself into in his last year of optometry school.

She has "legs like an Edwardian grand piano," marries an optometrist, and treats her widower father as a childish invalid. The Narrator begins the novel by telling of his connection to the Dresden bombing, and why he is recording it.

Billy is the main character of Slaughterhouse-Five, but he's not exactly the hero of the book. Or rather, he doesn't have the heroic qualities usually associated with the main soldier in a story ab. In a taxi on the way to the Dresden slaughterhouse that served as their prison, Vonnegut and O’Hare strike up a conversation with the cab driver about life under communism.

Notes on Characters from Slaughterhouse-Five

It is to this man, Gerhard Müller, as well as to O’Hare’s wife, Mary, that Vonnegut dedicates Slaughterhouse-Five. This results in their being among the few survivors of the firestorm that raged in the city they go to Hell, where "the burning never stops hurting." Other crossover characters are Eliot Rosewater, from God Bless You, Mr.

Rosewater the Modern Library ranked Slaughterhouse-Five eighteenth on its list of the best English-language. Characters And Symbols. On this page we discuss the various characters and symbols written about throughout Slaughterhouse-Five. Symbols and Characters.

Symbols but rather a slot in time. With their body, they represent Billy's cure to sadness, regret, or anything bad. The Tralfmadorians are the god to Billy's Jesus. They are the source of. Slaughterhouse-Five Major Characters. Billy Pilgrim: Billy Pilgrim is the main character and the debatable hero of Slaughterhouse-Five.

He is rather bumbling and funny-looking, almost like a puppet or a rag doll throughout the book. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Slaughterhouse-Five, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

Slaughterhouse-Five is an attempt by the author, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., to come to terms with the firebombing of Dresden, which killed overGermans, mostly civilians, and destroyed one of Europe's most.

The list of characters and their descriptions in slaughterhouse five
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