The indolence of the filipino 3 essay

Come now their contemporary, Gaspar de San Augustin, which describes the Filipino to be lazy, brainless, immoral, indolent, ill clothed, and etc. Many ancient writers have praised the Filipinos in their traits.

Rizal was a polymathskilled in both science and the arts. The foreigners do not have learn his language. Not being able to agree as to which was the stronger of the two, they called upon the wind to make the decision. Truth is, before the Spaniards arrived on these lands, the natives were industriously conducting business with China, Japan, Arabia, Malaysia, and other countries in the Middle East.

The low return the natives gets from his work has the effect of discouraging him.

The Indolence of the Filipino People

Trade has declined, furthermore, because of pirate attacks and the many restrictions imposed by the government, which gives no aid for crops and farmers. Other colonizers have made their products known by trading foreign products with their own. The so-called indolence of Filipinos definitely has deeply rooted causes.

The Spaniards came and dominated him for more than three hundred years. In such a condition, the Philippines remained a country that was lifeless, dead, simply existing and not living.

He was eventually tried by the military, convicted and executed. Insinuating inferiority in the natives starts at a very early age, where the minds are still easily molded. While the affair was on record, there was no account in Viola's letter whether it was more than one-night and if it was more a business transaction than an amorous affair.

The first one resulted from the very limited training at home, the tyrannical and sterile education of the rare centers of learning, and the influence by people in the mind so that a man would not aspire to excel those who preceded him and is what we call stagnation or nonproductive or being inactive.

Examining them impartially, comparing them and scrutinizing them, one cannot avoid discerning the human 'fingernail' and the stamp of the time in which they were written People, however, should not lose hope in fighting indolence. They are critical of Spanish friars and the power of the Church.

They are taught to be inferior. One must study the causes of indolence, Rizal says, before curing it. Publicizing the message of La Indolencia A number of reflections or reactions can be expressed by newspaper editors, columnists and writers in order to remind Filipinos of the existence of indolence in native Filipino culture and how they can best counteract these unjust practices.

When the object of their labor was removed and they were exploited, they were reduced to inaction. For the Filipino is endowed with saving grace of humor.

And so every time the wind blew, it bent its head gracefully.

The Indolence of the Filipinos

Its theme always depict the fight between a Christian and a Muslim who in the end, the Christian being always depicted as the protagonists wins the said fight. They took pleasure in describing Filipinos in the brightest of light, stating all of their good qualities.

Execution A photographic record of Rizal's execution in what was then Bagumbayan. Pablo Pastells and other reformers "Come se gobiernan las Filipinas" Governing the Philippine islands.

His sister Narcisa toured all possible gravesites and found freshly turned earth at the cemetery with guards posted at the gate.

National Historical Institute, ] p. In everything we do there will be an equal consequence of it, either we absorb it or just ignore it. What is worse with the situation is the youth that are the most out of control are the individuals living in poverty, majority of these individual rob and kill people, most of them living in the wrong path of drugs and liquors and most of them involving themselves into parenting at a very young age.

Tomorrow will be only another day—no winter of discontent. Everywhere about him is a lesson in patience and forbearance that he does not have to learn with difficulty. By doing this, resulted only to negative outcomes. With no arms to defend themselves, the natives were killed, their houses burned, and their lands destroyed.

Almost everyday there were cockfights, and during feast days, the government officials and friars were the first to engange in all sorts of bets and gambles. Examples of the dominators in surrounding themselves with servants and despising manual or corporal labor as a thing unbecoming the nobility and chivalrous pride of the heroes of so many centuries.

Into escape the bitter anti-Chinese prejudice that existed in the Philippineshe converted to Catholicismchanged his name to Domingo Mercado and married the daughter of Chinese friend Augustin Chin-co. Indolence of the Filipino People Indolence does exist among the Filipinos, Rizal admitted, but it cannot be attributed to the troubles and backwardness of the country; rather it is the effect of the backwardness and troubles experienced by the country.

The second is the supposed natural state of inequality among the people. The third is the alleged inherent indolence of the Filipinos which is one of the reasons for the people’s poverty. The fourth is the Filipinos’ acceptance of the United Sstates as the savior of the Philippines.

For Love of Country

A Brief Biography José Rizal () was a national hero of the Philippines and the first Asian nationalist. He expressed the growing national consciousness of many Filipinos who opposed Spanish colonial tyranny and aspired to attain democratic rights.

The Philippines should be grateful to you if you would write a complete history of our country from an impartial point of view. "Indolence of the Filipino" in La Solidaridad () Miguel de Unamuno, philosopher-writer, in his essay "Rizal, the Tagalog Hamlet", in Rizal: Contrary Essays () A gem of.

Without unity, the people did not have the power to fight the hostile attacks of the government and the other forces of society.

As Rizal stated in the conclusion of the essay, “a man in the Philippines is an individual; he is not merely a citizen of the country”. Jun 11,  · WIKIPEDIA: The Philippine Declaration of Independence occurred on June 12, in the Philippines, where Filipino revolutionary forces under General Emilio Aguinaldo (later to become the Philippines' first Republican President) proclaimed the sovereignty and independence of the Philippine Islands from the colonial rule of Spain after the latter was defeated at the Battle of Manila Bay during.

The indolence of the filipino 3 essay
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