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As deadly as these shootings were, a more "efficient" method had to be found, one that would accelerate the killing and would at the same time spare the SS men the necessity to murder women and children in cold blood. It was not until when Hitler started loosing out in WWII that hope started donning on the Jews by July most camps had been liberated by the Allied forces.

Heinrich Himmler

Ironically, for a man associated with the spilling of so much blood, Himmler himself would nearly faint at the sight of blood. Who was Heinrich Himmler. Byhe had consolidated police power in Germany and was named Chief of the German police on June 17 of that year.

Therefore the term generally describes the annihilation of approximately six million European Jews in the cause of World War 2 when Hitler initiated a program deliberately meant to wipe out the entire Jews population across Europe utilizing the dreaded National Socialist Regime.

He was questioned by the police about his role in the putsch, but was not charged because of insufficient evidence. He attempted to evade arrest by disguising himself as a sergeant major of the Secret Military Police.

Himmler originally intended to be a farmer and in fact acquired a degree in agronomy. He simply blindly obeyed, displaying almost more amorality than immorality. Interestingly enough, for a man who has been demonized as the incarnation of evil, Himmler makes it clear in several speeches that he was not particularly antisemitic.

From tohundreds of thousands of Jews who were able to leave Germany did, while those who remained lived in a constant state of uncertainty and fear. The decision was made to use poison gases hydrocyanic acid and carbon monoxide in both stationary and mobile gas chambers in Poland. He fought in World War I at the every end, and afterwards drifted into one of the many right wing soldier's organizations that were so prevalent at the time.

These laws would reach their pinnacle with the Nuremberg laws of that stripped the Jews off German citizenship. The programme had disappointing results; less than 40 per cent of SS men married and each produced only about one child. Prisoners were not only used for forced labor, but for medical experiments by German doctors.

These tasks arise from the forthcoming final struggle of two opposing political systems. He married Margret Boden in Heinrich Himmler was the main racist Nazi ideology to Justify the murder of millions of victims.

Right up to the end, he was one of Hitler's most loyal men. In addition to his other responsibilities, he was also responsible for the security services Sicherheitsdienst and the concentration camps, which up to that time housed prisoners of the state.

At first, the Nazis reserved their harshest persecution for political opponents such as Communists or Social Democrats.

The Holocaust

Many Jews across Europe were rounded up and deported to extermination camps in Poland. As a result, instead of deportation, many Jews in Europe were destined for death.

While he did well in his schoolwork, he struggled in athletics. By the outbreak of World War II in autumnthere were six camps housing some 27, inmates.

Because of the large numbers under Nazi control, the question the Nazis had was what to do with them. Survivors of the camps found it nearly impossible to return home, as in many cases they had lost their families and been denounced by their non-Jewish neighbors. His aristocratic concept of leadership aimed at consciously breeding a racially organized order which would combine charismatic authority with bureaucratic discipline.

However, as he learned more about Hitler through his reading, he began to regard him as a useful face of the party, [26] [27] and he later admired and even worshipped him. Holocaust Death Camps, Beginning in latethe Germans began mass transports from the ghettoes in Poland to the concentration camps, starting with those people viewed as the least useful: His dad, Joseph Gebhard Himmler, was the headmaster of a college and had once tutored Bavarian princes, and also his mother, Anna Maria Himmler had been a housewife and took care of Himmler and his two siblings.

After working briefly as a salesman for a firm of fertilizer manufacturers, the young Himmler joined a para-military, nationalist organization and participated in the Munich Beer-Hall putsch of November as standard-bearer at the side of Ernst Rohm, Secretary to Gregor Strasser and his deputy district leader in Bavaria, Swabia and the Palatinate, he was also acting propaganda leader of the NSDAP from to It was only inwhen Himmler was appointed minister of the interior, that the transfer of ministerial power was complete.

Himmler and the Final SolutionAlfred A. Eventually the Jews lost everything they possessed including their homes and businesses. The incidents were then used in Nazi propaganda to justify the invasion of Polandthe opening event of World War II.

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Between andmore thanprisoners were held at Dachau. Like Hitler, he chose suicide as his way to exit the world.

Hitler took advantage of this event, forcing von Hindenburg to sign the Reichstag Fire Decreewhich suspended basic rights and allowed detention without trial.

Nazi Rule Comes to an End, as Holocaust Continues to Claim Lives, By the spring ofGerman leadership was dissolving amid internal dissent, with Goering and Himmler both seeking to distance themselves from Hitler and take power. However, this became impractical because it was very slow and could only handle about 50 persons.

This was done in 2 days. Heinrich Himmler, Hitler’s right-hand man, was the main architect of the Holocaust, using elements of mysticism and a fanatical believe in the racist Nazi ideology to justify the murder of millions of victims.

Heinrich Himmler, Hitler’s right-hand man, was the main architect of the Holocaust, using elements of mysticism and a fanatical believe in the racist Nazi ideology to justify the murder of millions of victims.

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Oct 14,  · Watch video · Like the network of concentration camps that followed, becoming the killing grounds of the Holocaust, Dachau was under the control of Heinrich Himmler, head of the elite Nazi guard, the. The Life Of Heinrich Himmler Essay Words | 7 Pages. The Life Of Heinrich Himmler When one thinks of the most evil and powerful person through history, one often thinks of Adolf Hitler.

However, most of the feats accomplished by Hitler would have been impossible without the help of his lesser known right-hand man, Heinrich Himmler. Heinrich Himmler () was the Reich Leader RSHA), the agency that would be tasked with implementing the Holocaust in Himmler also unified and centralized the uniformed police forces (Ordnungspolizei; Orpo) in Germany.

Heinrich Himmler

Centralization of the Concentration Camp System. An essay on when the Holocaust may be considered to have begun. Where to find photos of the Holocaust on the Internet ( words) A short biography of Heinrich Himmler, the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany.

Who was Josef Mengele? ( words).

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