The description of the graffiti and its use in passing on messages

By understanding and appreciating graffiti as a part of our society, it is possible to develop and embrace a greater understanding of us as Americans. Crews do a lot of gang behavior…y'know, they depict stereotypical gang behavior.

Using public vehicles to promote graffiti and overcome endless social problems, the artists who participate in this method of expression have invented a new way by which to immortalize and facilitate the visibility of graffiti in contemporary culture through the use of the Internet, and consequently, the Internet's home for contemporary graffiti, coined "graff".

Graffiti, rather than being identified as its own culture, is often associated with many other specific cultures; hip-hop, gang, and skateboard culture all contribute to the graffiti art culture.

Phillips addresses this issue in light of Armando Silva's research when she states: Graffiti and its Relationship to Contemporary American Culture In light of the rebellious and political nature of this type of communication, it is significant to mention what audience graffiti artists are trying to reach through their pieces.

Interpreted in this light, graffiti can be seen as a form of communication. But somehow when writing gets associated with the city, and kids from all races and backgrounds get together to express themselves in some rebellious way right in the face of everyone, it gets associated with evil.

Cement or Canvas: Aerosol Art & The Changing Face of Graffiti in the 21st Century

Graffiti, with its seemingly global appeal and use, has been a form of political resistance for many years. Try going down to derelict train lots with someone who has been writing for a few years, and hit the place up. In the past eight years, as I sat by the window, I have seen popular graffiti become more prevalent.

Anarchism Many authors, including Ferrellhave interpreted the rebellious nature of graffiti as a type of anarchist resistance.

Cement or Canvas: Aerosol Art & The Changing Face of Graffiti in the 21st Century

Graffiti functions for gangs on many different levels. Therefore, culture was traditionally viewed as different, exotic, and misunderstood; the search for the 'Other' was the mission of the motivated anthropologist. This article and theory received national and then global attention.

Then officials feel the need to go over graffiti with plain flat paint. However, the culture from which the symbol has been adopted, is the dominant American culture. And similarly, since graffiti stands as an expression of emotion, how do these participants do so collectively and in public without actively threatening their own name or the dominant culture which within they have established an identity.

WAX continues to explain this idea further in this excerpt: This critical tool enables the anthropologist to establish a relationship with the people who are an integral part of the cultural system, and thus, learn from watching, helping, and questioning them in an honest and sincere environment.

Stephen Leavitt relates this cultural phenomenon in his essay, "Cargo Beliefs and Religious Experience". The "walls" upon which graffiti is written remain a public forum by which many individuals are both reaffirmed of their anti-structural sentiments as well as given an opportunity to voice their opinion.

In his exploration of the "marginalized" aspects of graffiti, Armando Silva indicates that graffiti transform permissible writing into the impermissible.

Therefore advertisers tend to use graffiti writings to attract customers and promote particular information. In Vodafone used graffiti spray writing on one of its offices in Istiklal Street in Istanbul.

GRAFFITI – ON THE BEACH is the first in a series of photo books featuring graffiti on the walls at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Consider them an often changing statement by artists, in which they add letters, names, words, pictures, and messages. Feb 12,  · This introduction to graffiti is intended to serve both as a guide for newcomers and a reference for experienced writers who sometimes lose sight as to what its all about.

Tagging, the most primitive form of the graffiti art, consists of a writer's signature, usually done in permanent marker or spray paint. Short messages, such as a description of an incident, a sad evocation of a dead relative, or an invocation to a god, may paleography Casual graffiti, sale or election notices as found on the walls of Pompeii, and Christian inscriptions in the Roman catacombs are likewise part of paleographical knowledge.

Graffiti with a message

In graffiti artist "Scape" published GRAFF; the Art & Technique of Graffiti, the world's first book dedicated to displaying the full techniques of creating graffiti art.

Other books that focus on graffiti include Faith of Graffiti by Norman Mailer, Trespass by Taschen press, [89] and the comic book by Elite Gudz, Concrete Immortalz, which has a. The Description of the Graffiti and Its Use in Passing on Messages PAGES 2.

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The description of the graffiti and its use in passing on messages
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