The changes in joshs character in promises in the wind a novel by irene hunt

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No Promises in the Wind

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No Promises in the Wind is a novel written by Irene Hunt and published in The book is set induring the Great Depression. The story tells about Josh Grondowski and his younger brother, Joey. Nicole Uribe, 23, is accused of trading the baby to Jose-Juan Lerma, 47, and his wife, Irene, 27, in exchange for $1, $ which was to be the downpayment, Pueblo police Sgt.

Brett Wilson said. Details of the dollar amount were first reported by The Gazette. I read No Promises in the Wind by Irene Hunt. This is a realistic fiction book set in the s during the Great Depression.

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The story follows 15 year old Josh as /5. Chapter 1 Summary In the book No Promises in the Wind, Josh, a young teenager, and Joey, a young scrawny kid, go out to deliver papers to only afterwards come home to there annoyed dad.

We are an 8th grade English class who noticed a lack of online response to Irene Hunt's novel No Promises in the Wind and decided to do.

No Promises In The Wind Summary

By Irene Hunt Historical Fiction Historical fiction is a story that has fictional characters, but has a real setting that happened in the past.

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No Promises in the Wind

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The changes in joshs character in promises in the wind a novel by irene hunt
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