Chandas secrets the stigma of aids

But of course, ignoring a problem never makes anything better; it only makes things worse. She also said this because she did not what the neighbourhood to know she was living next to children who associated with AIDS infected people. They do not want to be in contact with that certain person or be seen around them.

The sins are visited upon your children. Emmanuel feared that people would think differently of him once they found out he had AIDS. How poor he is now when seeing people turning away without mercy, perhaps he feels mortified and solitary, this place is a proper hell for Jonah and other infected persons.

To avoid the bad reputation of the family being involved infected patients, whether voluntary or forced, most of them have to leave their family.

Despite being tired of the disease attacking their health every day, infected persons have to overcome it in loneliness and unhappiness. Her fearless fight to rescue her friend and stand up for her beliefs is a dramatic portrait of loyalty and loss, hope and courage, that will touch readers of any age.

Stigma and discrimination will kill AIDS patients before the disease kills them. Despite the reason leading to their diseases, they are shunned and despised by community. However, the most pitiful victims are still the children.

Normally, when people are afraid of something they will deny it. Instead of encouraging AIDS patients, people disdain, avoid meeting them and put contempt into them. Fight for what's right.


As a result, not until the disease kills him, his survival ends in the bottom of an abandoned well. The early deep hurt and the loss in life makes children have no fun and opportunities in studying. Despite the reason leading to their diseases, they are shunned and despised by community.

Hsiao Lu Publishing Co. Despite the reason leading to their diseases, they are shunned and despised by community. He is immediately kicked out of that society and seen as a disgusting creature. Black is the color of death, dreary and bad things. This explanation proves that sin or feeling sinful is a part of the stigma, therefore, sin or feeling sinful is another contributing factor to the stigma of AIDS.

Tafa warned Chanda not to be involved with Esther. It is true that not every infected person is bad; there are those who have their own problems need to be solved but the reality does not allow them.

If they continue to discriminate with AIDS patients, it will be hard to decrease the number of infected persons. Hear the spirits of your ancestors. Chanda’s Secrets. by Allan Stratton.

and that she must speak out against the stigma and shame that accompany AIDS. Allan Stratton paints a devastatingly poignant portrait of a sub-Saharan teen’s world torn apart by AIDS. His focus on Chanda allows readers to see how AIDS directly affects the lives of people rather than getting caught up.

Chanda’s Secret- Stigma Sang 1 Sang To Meeraal Shafaat Interpreting Texts 20th December Final draft AIDS- The stigma of life Since the invention of medicine, never have human beings needed to face as a big challenge as the present: The AIDS epidemic!

Chanda’s Secrets successfully “puts a human face to the AIDS pandemic” (Stratton, ). Allan Stratton’s suspenseful and moving novel Chanda’s Secrets, takes a unique perspective on a global outcry of poverty and its main consequence in this novel is, contracting the disease -- AIDS/5.

Chanda’s Secrets

It is later told thoguh that her really commited suicide because he found out that he haid HIV/AIDS. Mr. Dube Mama's 2nd husband, who is a barber,has rotting teeth, died, and Chanda's family get the house.

Jun 13,  · by Allan Stratton Brief Summary: Set in Sub-Saharan Africa, Chanda's Secrets addresses HIV/AIDS and the lasting and devastating affect just a whisper of possible infection can have upon family and friends.

For Chanda, this is the story of her friends and family, and how she - a girl of 16 - just wants to hold. Chanda, who's preparing for her exams to become a teacher, becomes acting head of the family, making funeral arrangements and taking care of her younger siblings.

A nosy neighbour thinks witchcraft is at work, while rumours of AIDS are whispered, but Chanda can't discover the truth because no one will talk about what's happening.

Chandas secrets the stigma of aids
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