A discussion on the difficulties a translator faces

When translating from Japanese to Danish, the translator faces difficulties such as following the metre, including double meaning, cultural differences and special features of Japanese poetry.

A challenge which every translator aims to overcome is when they are faced with cultural aspects of the TL target language. Humour is one of the characteristics associated within each culture and many academics argue that having a sense a humour is healthy.

A common example are the proverbs in a language. For instance, it would be difficult for a Moroccan to communicate with an Iraqi if they both used their own dialects of Arabic: Mark Abstract In this thesis, translation of classic Japanese poetry into Danish will be examined in the form of analysing translations of the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu.

The second theory is known as the incongruity theory which originates from Aristotle.

Linguistic Challenges Faced By Translators

It proved to be highly constructive for the purposes of this research as the humour is often very culture-specific and thus difficult to translate. Furthermore, translating humour linked to culture will be discussed, as one of the major difficulties for the translator was to overcome the vast amount of culture-specific terms and expressions.

Difficulties of translating humour

This dissertation does not attempt to discuss the subtitling or the subtitling, however there are certain subtitling limitations that need to be mentioned as the case study is a subtitled TV programme thus difficulties of translating humour extend beyond lexical and grammatical issues.

If any of these characteristics is misbalanced, the idiom meaning and function will be ruined, however, there are some special cases when the meaning and the function of an idiom is retained even if its vocabulary and grammatical structure is slightly changed.

The quality to how an expression can be idiomatic, or say, the degree of idiomaticity is the basic feature on which idioms are classified.

The Top 5 Challenges That Translators Face

The first theory is known as the superiority theory, proposed by Plato and then later strengthened by Hobbes. In the case of visual humour, this would not be narrative which therefore would mean than this Knowledge Resources proves to be irrelevant. In Greek, such a room is called ksnona, while in Italian, a guest room is called camera per gliospiti.

The change of word class. Therefore, visual aspects of the sketches from Little Britain may appear funny to the Spanish audience as there many characters that are men dressed up as women, however, as the show is subtitled, how is the same humorous message conveyed in Spanish.

In some languages, the order is different. Thus, once activated, schemata generate expectations by the audience and these expectations may be incongruous which gives rise to humour Snell,p.

However, if the stereotype is presented visually in a comedy sketch, then the humour may be lost for the target audience if they do not recognize the stereotype which is being shown. These two difficulties are much more present in the case of idioms than they are in the case of fixed expressions Baker The style of the show of muscles.

Whatever the type of document is, a specific knowledge in the right field and industry is essential to be as accurate and reliable as possible, as it takes a knowledge of the right vocabulary, the right procedures, etc.

Almost each of those countries has its very own dialect, with different variations even within the country. Another factor which complicates the understanding of languages even more is the existence of dialects.

Transparent Idioms Fernando claims this type of idiomatic expression has a very close meaning to that of the literal one. This chapter will show the main theories and issues of translating humour. Still, each translation job is unique, thus challenges are ever present in the job. A linguistic approach is required to give more of an understanding into the topic of how humour is produced from a general perspective in the comedy sketch show.

Metaphors are said to mean another thing accept what was said, they are not direct and also seem difficult to translators. The main difficulties in translating idioms are summarized as follows: If the translator attempts to fit over 40 characters per line, this reduces the legibility of the subtitles because the font size is also reduced Karamitroglou,p.

According to Ghazala, this kind of problems takes place during the process of translation due to the following causes. In subtitling, as in all forms of interlingual transfer, this may cause problems in rendering culture-specific or language-specific elements.

This shows that every field has its own specific jargon. When translating from Japanese to Danish, the translator faces difficulties such as following the metre, including double meaning, cultural differences and special features of Japanese poetry.

To adequately deal with these difficulties, the translator must be willing to compromise in the final translation. Difficulties of translating humour: From English into Spanish using the subtitled British comedy sketch show "Little Britain" as a case study - Ebook written by Charles Harrison.

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Being a translator is about much more than simply being bilingual, it is about being able to interpret and transcribe a message fit for purpose. Difficulties caused by language structure. There are about living languages currently listed in the world, not to mention the number of dialects existing within these languages.

of this discussion are the difficulties the translator faces coping with differences in L1 (German) and L2 (English) conventions and how this affects the choice of cohesive devices in the TT.

Barriers To Translating Scientific Text. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Last Edited: Complications and difficulties on translating a scientific text.

Translation Challenges Faced by Translators

And a translator just can't expect that every single text he gets is going to be about the specific area he is specialized on. Challenges Facing The Translator English Language Essay This essay has referred to a number of issues that the translator faces before translating into the target language.

My final point on challenges for the translator is legal translation and this essay concludes on the difficulties that the translator faces when trying to maintain.

A discussion on the difficulties a translator faces
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